Why You Should Consider ROP Education

Vocational educational programs offer something many traditional college prep high school programs neglect: hands on project based learning that matches the kinesthetic and visual learning styles of many students. With this learning approach ROP can meet the broader educational needs of students by appealing to their desire to learn a career, earn a living, and move forward in life.

ROP answers the age old question, when am I ever going to use this? It is a hands on delivery system for education, and that’s how some kids learn best. Math and language arts are inherent parts of careeer technical education. In the automotive trades, building trades, and construction, there’s a ton of math involved. In the firefighting program, firefighters need to use complicated algebraic formulas to calculate hose pressure. It’s an applied use of math.

ROP works directly with industry partners to develop programs, create and review curriculum and train tomorrow’s workers for industries most in need of skilled workers. The hot areas for industry are anything related to tourism, recreation, and health care. Energy and utilities will be big too. People will be retiring from that industry and there are new alternative energy initiatives and things will open up.

The automotive industry, biotechnology, computers and media and maritime are also high tech areas for which ROP is training technicians. For every engineering o science job, several technicians and assistants are needed. Students who explore career options through ROP often decide to further their education to become an engineer, biologist or doctor. If you can spark their interest, they may want to pursue the field at a deeper level, and that’s what true education is all about.